How Instagram Made a Design Duo Millionaires

I think I've told you a million times before how much I love social media. Yes there is absolutely a nasty dark side to social media but outweighing the bad is always the good. I read this article today about an Australian swimwear design duo who … [Read More...]



I have found arguably the most fun app ever! Now technically it's not really for blogging...but could make for some hilarious videos to put on your blog or on your social media accounts. Have you … [Read More...]


Fonts That Work Well Together

        It's not just writing great content that you need to focus on when blogging, you also need to ensure that your blog is aesthetically pleasing. Now I do not profess for one one second that … [Read More...]


The ProBlogger Podcast

As I'm sure you all know, Kirsty and I have a pretty big addiction to podcasts, our addiction was so big we started our own podcast a few months ago. Each week at the end of our episode we like to … [Read More...]

blogger of the month

Blogger of the month – June

If I told you she's a food blogger. If I said she was the master of the pun. If I hinted towards something cheesy? Could you guess who it is? Introducing our Blogger of the month for … [Read More...]


In The Press

Welcome to another installment of In the Press. Today I'm sharing 3 great articles that I have no doubt will get you thinking and maybe looking at different ways to blog better this year. Starting a … [Read More...]


Facebook Insights

Facebook is still my favourite place to interact with my own community but also with other bloggers that I follow. I'm getting ready to take a break from my personal blog for a few weeks while I enjoy … [Read More...]


Snapchat – The Basics

Sometimes I forget how old I actually am, there are many times I still feel like I'm 21. I knew for certain I was not 21 a few weeks ago when I decided to download the Snapchat App on my phone. I … [Read More...]


Blogging During Ramadan

Today marks the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan. If you live in the Middle East your days all of a sudden change quite a fair bit. No eating or drinking in public, no loud music, quiet days and … [Read More...]

How To Work Well With A Brand

If you want to experience true success when working with brands then you need to be professional. This is one of the key ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd and propel yourself in to the top … [Read More...]